Thursday, August 21, 2008

MMA 3/4

    Usual striking drills, combos 1 & 2, guard & arm bar drills for grappling. Instructor commented on my roundhouse kicks again, wanted to know what style I studied. He looked surprised when I said "shotokan" (that and 2-3 years beating the crap out of heavy bags). Did guard drills with a 6'5" 300# newbie. He was suprisingly weak for such a huge guy. In my guard he could easily lift me off the floor though, I'm sure he will gain strength quickly if he keeps up with training.
    They will definitely be starting jujitsu classes next week, with "real" instructors who have trained in Brazil and at the local MMA camp (Militech) and with Team Hard Drive.
They say it takes 12 years to get a black belt in BJJ. I am way too old...I will just stick with MMA, thanks.

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