Sunday, September 7, 2008

Go thou, my arrow...

    Attempted to shoot a bow for the 1st time in about 10 my youth a participed in the Junior Olympics, shot in field archery contests and hunted extesively. I used to shoot whole field archery courses with an 85# longbow. Today and yesterday I shot maybe 100 shots with a 45# recurve bow, a mid 70's Wing "Red Wing Hunter". I am disgusted that my muscles are sore today!
    Most of my equipment dates from the mid 80's. I was shooting 31" x 2219's, which are extemely overspined for this bow. Never the less after 25 shots or so I could hit an 8" circle at 20 yards with almost every shot, with a rhythm of one shot every 10-15 seconds (try that with a compound bow).
    I don't know if I can even draw the 85 pounder anymore...ain't time a wrecker!

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