Friday, December 18, 2009

Another Nigerain scam...


From: Senate President
Chairman Senate Committee on Debt Reconciliation &Evaluation.
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Attention: Please,

I am honorable Mr. David Mark, the Chairman Senate Committee On Debt Reconciliation and Evaluation Federal Republic of Nigeria, After the meeting I held with other members of the Executive Arm of the Government, we decided in one accord to reshuffle every section of government departments with immediate effect.

We have also investigated and found out that a great deal of injustice has been shown to foreign contractors and Inheritors who have spent their time and money to conclude the transfer processes with different commercial banks in this great country Nigeria.

However, we the Executive Arm of the Government in conjunction with the presidency have decided also to clear all debt owned to genuine contractors and Inheritors to avoid the good name of our great nation being tarnished or dragged to the mud by other countries of the outside world and at the same time protect our nascent democracy.

In fact, after our careful verification, we discovered that your Inheritance file is among other fifteen (15) files confirmed to be genuinely ok and all these Inheritance files are ready now on my table already Approved for immediate payment of US$15,000,000.00 from the Spring Bank (S.B.N) Lagos Nigeria as a part payment of your inheritance / Contractual sum..

Please confirm the receipt of this e-mail by responding to this office immediately so that your Inheritance file will be forwarded to the Spring Bank (S.B.N) for immediate payment of your Inheritance entitlement without further delay.

You should be informed that this money for this payment by the (S.B.N) Lagos Nigeria is mapped out from this year's Federal government Budget and the recovered funds Looted out of the Nigerian Treasury by the former Military Head of State General Sani Abacha's family and Other Retired Army Generals. Most importantly, your payment Can be via a Spring Bank Certified International Bank Draft payable to your Bank in your country or Via Telegraphic Wire Transfer To your Bank Account. You should contact me immediately you receive this e-mail and also you should reconfirm your phone and fax numbers in your response to this letter.

However, we regret the inconvenience this has caused you in the past. Therefore, you should contact the Spring Bank (S.B.N) for the immediate release of Your payment to you because this payment exercise will last for only 5 working days from today. The fund Approval of your Payment has been forwarded to the Spring Bank (S.B.N) for the release of your draft /cheque as soon as the Draft has been raised.

Note :That the amount approved for payment to as payment is US$15,000,000.00 Only. Also payment can be made to you by Telegraphic wire transfer if you wish. Put a stop to contacting any body any where in the world for the release of this fund even the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria so that you will not have cost to regret dealing with wrong hands. You should not communicate to any one again for any reason whatsoever until my further notice.

Contact the following person immediately and send to him your particulars including your phone and fax numbers.

Name. Emezuom Jude
Director Foreign Opration Dept.
Spring Bank of Nigeria Plc
93, Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi . Lagos-Nigeria

Keep me updated as soon as you contact him. Thank you and GOD bless.. Keep off from imposters before they will destroy you.

Get back to me via my private email at (


Senator Mark .
Senate President and
Chairman Senate Committee On
Debt Reconcilliation & Evaluation
Federal Republic of Nigeria

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