Thursday, June 24, 2010

My current kettlebell routine

My current kettlebell routine using 2 x 40 lb. bells.
Update 7/22: using 55 lb bell for everything but the presses.

Warm up on plyo ball...crunches, hyperextensions,
stretching, etc 10 minutes

Round 1:
Two arm swings: 1 minute/40 reps
Seesaw military press: 10 x each arm
Double front squat: 8 reps
Double lat rows 10 reps

Round 2:
Single arm swings: 10 X each arm
Bent press: 10 x each arm
Farmers walk (2 bells)/stair climb: 4 flights up & down
Renegade rows: 5 x each arm

Round 3:
Double bell clean 8 reps
Floor bench press 10 x each arm
Single bell lunges: 8 x each leg
Single lat rows 10 x each arm

Kettlebell arm curls (towel through handle) x 10
Kettlebell tricep extensions (towel through handle) x 10.

Followed by 10-15 minutes of heavy bag striking drills.

The whole thing takes about 45 minutes.

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