Monday, June 23, 2008

Encounter with Mr. PoPo

            A knock on the door about 5PM yesterday. 2 CRPD guys (both with shaved heads and wearing shorts) meet me at the door.

“We had a report of an alarm going off at this address”

“Sorry, I have no alarm system here”

“This is 1716 Oakland


“Did you just get home”

“No, the kids have been here all day”

“Do you know Dorothy Shiraz?”

“Never heard of her”

“Do you have an alarm system?”

(Pointing to the 200# Great Dane barking in the back yard) “Just her”

“Can I see some ID?”

(checking ID against address)”That’s good enough for me” (leaves)


If you have seen my house, you know there is nothing worth stealing in the place…

Curiouser & curioser..

And who the hell is Dorothy Shraz?        



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