Monday, July 11, 2011

Gahanian scam..

Kind Attention

Greetings, my name is Tracy Taylor I am making this contact to you in good faith and hope my contact with you will transpire into mutual relationship now and forever, I am the eldest daughter of Chief Bueford Taylor a gold merchant and also a know politician in my country Liberia. I want to invest in your country in hotel management and I want my partnership with you to be life business investment. I am 25yreas of age I reside in Accra Ghana temporary with my junior brother his name is Frank Taylor he is 23yrs of age.

I am residing in Accra Ghana in Bujumbura refugee Camp, Room 2 Camp 4 , for peace because my late father political opponents including my late fathers uncle won’t let us rest, at first i thought it was a political vendetta but i was wrong they froze all our accounts and confiscate our properties known to them, why cant we live in peace as one, love for each other to the glory of God.

I need your assistance to get the fund transfer over to you in your country and I will join you for the investment immediately , it is 314 kilos of gold and US$8.2million ( Eight million two hundred thousand dollars) deposit in Treasury house safe keeping account of my late father who pass away on political matters and his uncles want to take the money away from me and my sister to live us to suffer. Please assist us because i have already discuss with the Treasury house Area manager here in Accra Ghana who told me the best means of transferring the money is through diplomatic Courier means to any country of my choice. The deposit is in two sealed boxes which my late father purposefully registered as family valuable in other not to attract any attention.

I cannot touch this deposit because am under a very tight situation .so this is why I need your assistance as a foreign partner to help me. I will sign the authority over to your name as we proceed to perfect you on this deal as my foreign partner to claim the fund because there is no how i can present myself now, please be inform that there is no risk in this assistance and you will be entitle to 15% of the fund for any investment we make in your country.

Thanks for your assistance, I await your urgent reply include your address and your direct telephone number.

Yours faithfully,
Tracy Taylor.

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