Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ghanian scam, my Precious....

Dear Sir/Ma
My name is Miss Precious John, 22yrs old girl, from Ghana; I am the daughter of late Father Chief Dr John. Who my Uncle killed on 18th December  2009 because of Money and Land, due to government discover oil in the land own by my father, before the death of my father he left deposited 1.5millon  dollar, For me, my mummy and my only brother Ezekiel John, and my only sister Joy John . at UNITED BANK OF AFRICA (UBA), now my uncles want to take it alone and live us ,     
    Please I need your help to save our lifes and  this money which we want to transfer to you and come to you for our school and up keeping in your country,  please if you do this for us , I and my family promise you 30% of the money, but  we want to live Africa
I met the bank manager who advice me to open the account in your name and the bank will Load the money in ATM visa card and send to you,
because my uncles are not happy about the money my father left for us,  Because my father win the case in the court about the land and they are try to kill us, and take the money and the land , Please help us so we can go to school again. Hope to hear from you soon,
Yours truly
Daughter Precious John

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