Saturday, August 21, 2010

8/21 kettlebell workout

Chase the twins around the park in 88 degree heat, 45 minutes

Round 1:
Two arm swings: 1 minute/38 reps (55 lb.)
Seesaw military press: 10 x each arm (40 lb)
Double front squat: 8 reps (55 lbs one arm, 40 lbs the other)
Double lat rows 4 reps/arm (95 lbs, use both bells in one hand)

Round 2:
Single arm snatches: 8 X each arm (55 lb.)
Contrlateral push ups x 10
Farmers walk (2 bells in one hand) 95 lbs., 30 seconds per hand
Lat pull downs on machine (8 x 175 lbs)

Round 3:
Single bell snatch 10 reps (55 lb)
Bent press 2 x 8 x 40#
Front squats 8 x 95#
Renegade rows 5 x each arm (55 lb)

Kettlebell arm curls (towel through handle) x 8 (55 lb)
Kettlebell behind the head  tricep extensions (towel through handle) x 8 (55 lb).
I think the heat cost me a few reps...on the bright side, ketllebell training
has increased my cardio to the point that I can actually jog a few hundred yards
without undue stress or gasping for breath...

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